Mnangagwa assassin rots in prison

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A SELF proclaimed prophet and bogus CIO spy who landed in the dock on allegations of taking a firearm to events attended by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has put the state on notice to challenge further placement.

Guthrie Chirodzero will be back in court on March 23 after the state indicated that his docket had been sent back to the Prosecutor General’s (PG) office for further perusal.

His lawyer, John Ndomene complained that the state was exhibiting that investigations are far from being finalised.

He said it was unfair to keep his client on remand considering that he has been in prison since December.

Chirodzero is on charges of taking a firearm to a public gathering, impersonation and forgery after he was caught in possession of fake Central Intelligence Officer’s (CIO), Zimbabwe Anticorruption Commission identity cards and a fake driver’s licence.

According to the state, Chirodzero attended the swearing in of new cabinet ministers by Mnangagwa and positioned himself close to the President while pretending to be a CIO spy.

On December 6, armed with the same fake cards and a pistol, Chirodzero went to Josiah Magamba Tongogara army barracks where the Zanu PF leader was officiating the renaming of the former KGVI facility.

It is alleged that Chirodzero again positioned himself close to the President but was spotted by an army intelligence officer who became suspicious and confronted him.

He was asked to explain his purpose at the venue and Chirodzero then produced a fake CIO ID.

The military officer took the ID to other CIO officers for verification and it was established that the suspected hitman was an imposter.

Chirodzero vanished from the scene upon sensing that he was in danger.

He was later apprehended and searched.

Court heard Chirodzero was found in possession of fake ID’s, a pistol and was subsequently arrested.

Sebastin Mutizirwa prosecuted.