Mnangagwa blasts media for spoiling US-Zim relations

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa said he does not believe that the relationship between the US and Zimbabwe is a bad as portrayed in the media, adding that it is important to have useful contact and to accept constructive criticism for the good of the nation.

He was speaking during a media briefing after a meeting with the visiting US senators Chris Coons, Jeff Flake and three others at Munhumutapa Offices in Harare on Saturday.

Mnangagwa said it is important to have dialogue in finding a way forward to resolve challenges affecting Zimbabwe.

Harare was recently slapped with sanctions by the US government under the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA) of 2001 which the two Senators are pushing to be amended.

The US wants Mnangagwa’s government to implement electoral as well as economic reforms before the sanctions are scrapped.

But during the Saturday address, Mnangagwa castigated the media for fuelling hostility between the two countries.

“I would like to say this has been a very useful contact,” he said.

“It is important to accept constructive criticism so that where you feel you were doing things in a manner that you thought was correct then you realise it is not; you can always benefit from the criticism.

“The feeling that America is hostile, yes; I think it is a result of the media. Where there is dialogue, you can always find solutions to challenges.

“Dialogue is important to find a way forward and this is one opportunity which has come on our doorstep so that we can move forward and that is what we want.”