Mnangagwa challenger in wife abuse storm

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By Alois Vinga

THE magistrates’ court for the district of Johannesburg in South Africa has issued a protection order against South African based Zimbabwean business tycoon, Joseph Makamba Busha at the instigation of the politician’s wife.

The court ordered Busha not to abuse his wife, Nomakwhezi Busha after being convinced that the couple is no longer upholding the peace expected of them in a normal marital set up.

According to court papers filed under record number 61/19, Busha ordered not to commit four types of abuses.

“Respondent is ordered not to physically and emotionally abuse the complainant, not to intimidate the complainant and not to economically abuse the complainant,” says the order.

The court also ordered the accused to pay 10 000 rands as emergency monetary relief on top of medical aid expenses.

A source privy to the politician’s family affairs also told that all has not been well back home.

“While he is concentrating on tackling socio-economic issues all has not been well in his marriage as his wife is not agreeing to endorse her signature on divorce papers served through his lawyers.

“His current marital problems are evident as seen by him not wearing his ring and his spouse never present in all his public appearances,” the source on condition of anonymity said.

The business tycoon’s behaviour is alleged to have dramatically changed and he is alleged to have fired 11 employees who manned one office in a period of eight months.

Busha is also alleged to have been very abusive to his wife of South African origin.

The wife accused him of thoroughly beating her up and more recently, withdrew the vehicle she was using on top of neglecting to support her and their three minor children.

Efforts to get a comment from Joseph Busha on the matter were fruitless as his phone went unanswered while several messages sent to him were not responded.

Busha, leader of the little known FreeZim Congress, contested the July 2018 elections as a presidential hopeful.