Mnangagwa, Chamisa and Khupe must leave politics; the people shall govern

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By Nomazulu Thata                                                                            

Failed politicians must pack and go!

What a breath of fresh air to read your todays article “No single or individual group can stage a revolution on its own”.

An Alliance of Democratic Forces is long overdue. I doubt if I could have been said better, considering the chaotic politics today stubbornly created by Zanu to muddy political waters and to keep the nation in a state of chaos and uncertainty.

Even during the liberation days for independence in the 1970s, political parties realised the wisdom to regroup and give the white regime of Ian Douglas Smith one voice. Sam, this wisdom is needed in our politics today and as early as yesterday.

Be it the ruling party Zanu PF claiming to have won the elections hence have legitimacy to govern, they are failing dismally to put bread let alone butter in the tables of the majority in the country.

It’s an underestimate to say the previous governments of Smith and other white minority administrations, ferried much better than the current government and Mugabe’s that lasted for 4 decades of misrule.

The opposition is in absolute chaos, a chaos to some extent of their own making. The leaders in the opposition lack maturity, leadership skills, courage, abilities, and capabilities to unseat Zanu. Nothing delights a despotic government of Zanu PF than to see a divided opposition, said Wezhira. Our opposition today is in tatters as we speak, this statement is again an underestimate, we have no opposition to talk about today.

Hence your suggestion dear Sam to regroup as opposition is overdue. Forces that are internal and, in the Diaspora, must come with bold strategies that can work. We need new, young political leaders with sound ideas, we need new names in our political landscape, people with a vision and selflessness, new young leaders who are prepared to leave their comfort zones and fight the cruel regime head-on. It should never be “who is going to be president, what ideology should we take, what flag is appropriate – all that is irrelevant.” I cannot agree more than this dear Sam!

Your suggestion that we coordinate strategies and make concerted efforts to come together and fight the despot with a clear roadmap is spot-on. Our primary focus should be to create a level playing field and never that of the government. Zanu does not want to even create an economic one because they will be voted out of power anytime. Some points highlighted in your article, very poignant and relevant to our current situation today, I need not repeat them in this article, whoever is interested should read Sam Wezhira todays article.

I would like to add on to what you have already eloquently alluded, Sam. The people must remove the government of Zanu and demand from the UN, AU and SADC to give Zimbabwe a space to breath. By that I mean the international community should step in immediately to avoid chaos related to power vacuum; a void that will have been created by the removal of Zanu PF, booted out of power by the people. Here the NTA that Professor Ibo Mandaza has been propagating for over three years comes in.

Mandaza’s NTA interim administration is the best way forward for our country. He suggests a period of three years administration of government run by experts, we have them at home and in the Diaspora in numbers. This is where your noble suggestion chips in: There is a lot that can be achieved during an interim government or name it transitional administration. Energies will focus on ensuring that the electoral rules are fair, demand fair voting, the processes leading to general elections must be made transparent to gain confidence from citizens.

The interim administration run by luminaries such as Dr. Nkosana Moyo et al has the edge advantage of the country getting confidence from international money-lending bodies such as the World Bank, IMF, Africa Development Bank, Paris Club. Credible people should take charge of the processes whereby Zimbabwe will be granted debt relief in billions, debt relief should never happen in this current dispensation of Zanu PF: it does not have productive policy plans on how to lift this country out of the current economic chaos. The APA election manifesto of Nkosana Moyo’s informs that he has the acumen to remove Zimbabwe out of the woods and gives it direction and fresh start that we all yearn for.

Sam your suggestion is to be taken seriously by all young people of this nation whose future is dependent making bold strategies to remove Zanu out of power and cultivate ideas for the way forward after the takeover. We do not want to sink into the oblivion for another 40 years with Chamisa. He has nothing to offer apart from the holy bible he has memorized diligently. We need people of academic and professional calibre, who have written documents we can base judgements on, their international exposure in mathematics and banking institutions the World Bank, IMF, Africa Development Bank: provide decent professional track record.

Chamisa is more of a rouble rouser than a formidable politician: we have heard enough of Chamisa’s gospel preaching’s at rallies. What we want now are practical policies that will give all the chance to mend their broken lives once more. Chamisa is as dangerous a leader just like Mugabe. The least we want is yet another despot of 40 years misrule. The people of Zimbabwe were warned early in 1980, never vote politicians on tribal lines. We thought we learnt from the teachings of Joshua Nkomo, a man who was hated because he came from the region of Matabeleland. We are warning the young generation yet again today, young people from Mashonaland especially never make the mistakes your fathers and mothers made in 1980s first elections by voting on tribal lines. The people of Mashonaland blindly voted for Zanu PF; a Shona dominated party that openly traded its politics on tribal lines. We are today both Ndebele/Shona stuck with Zanu PF.

Thokozani Khupe has been warned by several people on many occasions that her political prostitution not only derails the freedom of independence for younger generations: Being a leader of the opposition in parliament; a mandate trust upon her by the evil Mnangagwa behind the backs of MDC-Alliance is definitely not a clever thing to do. The mandate is not hers, but that of Chamisa et al and she should never be proud of the messy recalls of MDC-Alliance parliamentarians and councillors; what she is doing as it stinks to high heavens. Thokozani is risking her life by supping with the most corrupt regime in the world. She is so blind not to see that she is following a corpse to the grave: a wise adage from Nigeria. The population is angry: she does not read the political barometer accurately, the implosion is imminent.