Mnangagwa claims his govt respects separation of powers

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says his administration, often savaged for interfering with other arms of the state, respects the constituently provided principle of separation of powers.

He warned judicial officers who engage in acts of misconduct would be held accountable.

He was speaking during the commissioning of the Commercial Courts, a division of the High Court.

“Our country is a constitutional democracy and is regulated by the supremacy of the constitution. The three arms of the state must perform the functions of providing checks and balances to each other,” Mnangagwa said.

He said the judiciary should apply the laws independently.

“We expect the judiciary to express its function independently without getting any instruction from us,” he said.

He applauded Judicial Services commission (JSC) for establishing the Commercial Court, saying it indicates an appreciation of the economic trajectory of the second republic.

The new court will specialise in attending to business disputes, both locally and internationally.

Mnangagwa also encouraged accountability of judges in line with government goals.

“It is important that all the players in the judicial system embrace this electronic system and use it for the benefit of the public and the smooth administration of justice,” he said.

He called on the JSC to accelerate the process to decentralise the High Court in all provinces.

“We are building Zimbabwe with a thriving and open economy. The establishment of the standalone commercial courts coincides with the launch of e-courts by the judiciary. This system has been deployed in Commercial, Constitutional, and Supreme Courts, making the courts paperless. The filing of court papers and processes can now be done from your home or office,” he said.