Mnangagwa: New State diamond miner has failed, communities not benefiting

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the government-owned Zimbabwe
Consolidation Diamond Company (ZCDC) has failed to generate sufficient
revenue to boost the economy, adding consolidation of Marange mining would be reviewed as a result.

The company was formed after the government, under former president Robert Mugabe, claimed that the country was not benefiting from the many separate companies which had operated in the area.

However, addressing supporters at a rally in Mutare Saturday, President Mnangagwa said consolidation of the Marange operations had not worked either.

He said people of Marange and surrounding communities should benefit from the exploitation and extraction of diamonds.

“We had around six to seven companies, but government cancelled their contracts to pave way for a State-owned company.

“We have realized that the company is even failing to generate sufficient funds to benefit the local communities.

“As government we are reviewing the diamond policy to ensure it benefit the local people.”

Government, Mnangagwa added, wants local communities to benefit from the natural extracted in their areas.

“The people of Marange must be supported by extraction and exploitation from diamonds. Communities with gold and platinum must also benefit from extraction of such resources in their area.”
His remarks came on the backdrop of recent protest by Marange villagers who accused ZCDC of not doing enough to change their lives.

Police had to fire teargas to disperse the irate villagers who were protesting at the company premises demanding justice.

ZCDC officials claimed that there was a third force behind the demonstrations, but villagers rubbished claims saying their concerns were genuine and must be addressed.

Villagers also demanded President Mnangagwa to intervene and solve the dispute.

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