Mnangagwa not happy with Zanu PF’s communication department

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By Idah Mhetu

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has shown dissatisfaction with Zanu PF’s communication department, ordering the section headed by former Information Minister Simon Khaya-Moyo to come up with a strategy to let Zimbabweans know his party and government achievements since winning elections last year.

Mnangagwa’s victory at last year’s presidential polls was disputed by main contender in MDC leader Nelson Chamisa who accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of colluding with Zanu PF to rob him of victory.

A bid to have the result overturned at the Constitutional Court fell flat but Chamisa maintains he is legitimate winner of the elections.

Zanu PF leader Mnangagwa wants more from his communications team.

He has shown the same dissatisfaction with government’s information department at one time telling permanent secretary Nick Mangwana “you are not doing your job well to tell people our successes.”

In his opening address to the Zanu PF politburo Wednesday, Mnangagwa said the party’s communication department has not yet come up with a plan that would show the party’s successes since the elections.

“I challenge the information and publicity department of the party to develop a communication strategy that will highlight our successes since being elected into office in July last year,” he said.

Mnangagwa added that Zanu PF must judge itself against the promises it made in its manifesto ahead of elections last July and the communication strategy must speak to that.

He argued Zanu PF and the government had “done a lot” despite a deteriorating social and economic situation.

Mnangagwa maintains the situation will get better as he defends his austerity measures that have pushed ordinary citizens to the brink.

“As we approach the anniversary of the Second Republic, we must intently introspect, the degree we have achieved that which we promised our people as outlined in the people’s manifesto,” the Zanu PF leader said.

Mnangagwa called for unity in Zanu PF and told his lieutenants that the election victory, in which Zanu PF garnered a two thirds majority, came with a call to serve the people.

“Our victory of July 2018 was a call to service. Our task remains enormous but if we remain united, nothing is impossible,” he added.

After taking over from Robert Mugabe in November 2017, Mnangagwa seemed to have realised the power of communications and social media in particular.

He called on his party youths to defend the party on these platforms before taking the plunge on Twitter on which he has constantly been battered by opposition supporters.

However, the Zanu PF leader seems to have taken it in his stride and continues to communicate to Zimbabweans and other leaders through the platform.