Mnangagwa says littering causing environmental degradation

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By Anna Chibamu

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to observe cleanliness by avoiding the dumping of litter everywhere.

The president said during a national clean-up day this past week that poor waste management could lead to environmental degradation challenges.

The day was jointly commemorated with Africa Environment Day, Wangari Maathai Day and World Wildlife Day.

Mnangagwa linked waste management challenges to high population growth in towns and cities with very little capacity to collect garbage by local authorities.

The commemorations ran under the theme, “Clean Environment – My Responsibility”.

“The major drivers contributing to waste management challenges include high population growth in urban centres, leading to high rate of waste generation; limited capacity of local authorities to collect and dispose solid waste; discharge of untreated effluent from industries and littering by citizens.”

The President went on to condemned those in the habit of throwing litter everywhere while ignoring bins provided for the purpose.

“The primary source of litter in the cities, among others, has been pedestrians throwing unwanted materials in the streets, dumping of waste by shop owners and the discarding of waste by motorists through the windows.

“In order to overcome some of the waste management challenges the country is facing, I call upon stakeholders to implement green interventions like adopting green industrial processes, while local authorities should provide adequate waste bins at strategic and convenient sites for pedestrians,” said Mnangagwa who has declared the first day of every month as a day to clean-up the environment countrywide.

He also urged motorists to have litter bags in their vehicles.