Mnangagwa says no Zimbabwean will starve as govt ups food imports

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By Mary Taruvinga

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has assured Zimbabweans his government will not allow any citizen to starve amid concerns millions who already faced hunger were plunged deeper into crisis during the 21-day national lockdown against the spread of Covid-19.

He was speaking in a televised address to the nation on the occasion of the country’s 40th independence anniversary.

Mnangagwa said his government will intensify its efforts to source for food to feed a starving nation.

“Achieving food security remains a key priority. Our stocks are being replenished through massive imports. Food will reach vulnerable households so that no one will starve,” said the President.

Mnangagwa said this shall include those in urban areas, among them orphans and vulnerable children.

His remarks come at a time locals have been up in arms with his administration for imposing a national lockdown against the spread of Covid-19 without any due regard to the needs of families that depend on self-help projects to feed themselves.

Mnangagwa said the country’s situation was being worsened by Western imposed sanctions.

“Our situation is compounded by the continuing illegal economic sanctions which we have endured for close to half of our years of independence,” he said.

“These sanctions have limited our options and restricted our possibilities of freely interacting in the global community.”

He added, “I thank the European Union (EU) for softening its stance towards us.

“I implore Washington to promptly lift these illegal sanctions against us without any preconditions.

“They are illegal and hurtful to our people Zimbabwe does not deserve them.”

The national leader said despite how harsh the sanctions may be, his government will not change its stance on land reform.

“The land shall forever remain united with people and people to their land.

“To this, there is no wavering or going back. However, we shall not shy away from fine tuning our strategies to enhance land utilisation.”

Mnangagwa said applauded local farmers for their effort to produce against harsh conditions.