Mnangagwa says Zim will not adopt short-term populist policies

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Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said his government will not adopt short-term populist policies and will not be swayed or pressured into repeating past mistakes.

The Zimbabwean economy has been on a serious downward trend for the past two decades and over the last two years, since Mnangagwa took over from Robert Mugabe, it has experienced its worst recession.

Many are calling for Mnangagwa to dialogue and negotiate with the main opposition MDC led by Nelson Chamisa so as to try and rescue the fortunes of the Southern African nation.

Mnangagwa says: “Let us not allow ourselves to be enticed away from the ideals of our great party by self-seeking individuals with brute political ambitions.

“The course we have taken as party and government to resuscitate and reform our economy is the correct one, never be swayed from it. We must strengthen our resolve to correct the past wrongs and wrong decisions we made with regards to our economy.

“Populist policies and initiatives for short-term benefits have dire long-term implications. Let us permanently put our country back on the rails towards recovery.”