Mnangagwa vows to shame looters soon

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has vowed to publicly share the names of defiant high profile figures who externalized money in two weeks’ time.

The president revealed that a quarter of a billion had been repatriated back home by some of the offenders who took heed of his call.

While claiming that the majority has responded to the moratorium issued over three months ago, Mnangagwa said there were a few big names which have ignored his call and would be made public this March.

“With regards to those who externalized Zimbabwean assets after the expiry of my three months moratorium, a total of the $250 million of the expected $1, 3 billion has been repatriated to Zimbabwe through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ),” said Mnangagwa addressing a gathering of businesspeople in Harare on Thursday.

“I have since extended the moratorium by two weeks up to the 16th of March 2018 to enable RBZ to complete processing of externalized assets whose return is pending. There are a lot of cases, 1166 cases of externalisation.

“Some have been completed, some are in the process, some are submitting the data but few have ignored including prominent names. On the 19th of March I am going to publicize those who have ignored. Those who have complied we will not publish.’

Among those rumoured to likely be affected by the development is the former first family which has glamorous properties across the world.

Mnangagwa, who has been on a charm offensive since taking over power through a coup, also said his government was committed to the fight against corruption and red tape in every sector.

“My government will continue to strive to ensure that there is policy clarity, certainty, cohesion and consistency. We will guard against policy overlap, information asymmetric and policy reversals. World over business thrives where there is consistency…As a matter of fact we won’t retreat against any form of corruption,” he said.

He commended Zimbabwean drivers for ensuring there is sanity on the roads in the absence of the “corrupt” police.

“On the contrary our people are monitoring themselves making sure they give way to each other without the assistance of roadblocks,” he said.