Mnangagwa vows woe on looting allies, ‘lethargic’ bureaucracy

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By Idah Mhetu

NEWLY sworn-in President Emmerson Mnangagwa has vowed to deal with his corrupt allies found looting the country’s resources.

He was delivering in his acceptance speech during his inauguration ceremony at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday.

The event was attended by thousands of locals and regional leaders.

In his address, Mnangagwa led with a call for Zimbabweans to rally behind his leadership as he reiterated his pledges to fight corruption, especially, among top officials accused of plundering the country’s wealth.

“In the Second Republic, no person or entity will be allowed to steal, loot or pocket that which belongs to the people of Zimbabwe. No one is above the law. This is a New Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe we all want,” he said.

Mnangagwa is under fire for failure to do the same when he became President after the country’s military deposed then President Robert Mugabe November last year.

To date, only one former Minister has been jailed, even more, over a lesser offence involving $12 000 dollars.

This is irrespective of that Mugabe once said corruption may have seen nearly $15 billion worth of raw diamonds and proceeds spirited away by cartels linked to elements within his now defunct government.

Mnangagwa has failed during his past nine months as the country’s number one to account for a single looter.

In his address, the new state president said his government shall focus mainly on economic development while politics took a back seat, to allow the growth of a nation.

“Equally, the bureaucracy in the Second Republic will be expected to be development oriented, responsive to the people’s needs as well as exhibit high principles of professional ethics and integrity,” he said.

Mnangagwa said his administration expected public sector officials to “deliver quality and timely services to the people as well as facilitate business, trade and investment”.

He added, “Bureaucratic bottlenecks, unnecessary delays, lethargic and corrupt activities will not be tolerated.”