Mnangagwa’s 100 days like past 37yrs – Chamisa

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THE first 100 days of President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration have been a huge disappointment with the new government failing to deliver on people’s expectations, MDC-T acting leader Nelson Chamisa has said.

Addressing a press conference in Harare Wednesday, Chamisa said President Mnangagwa, who took over power after a military coup last November, had failed to articulate benchmarks of the journey he hoped to travel in the 100 days.

“They have been 100 days of the past 37 years, of the past failure,” said Chamisa.

“This was supposed to be the end of a system, but the first test was the inability and failure to be inclusive and ensure the creation of an inclusive dispensation to usher in economic development.

“The first 100 days were characterized by mega-boobs such as the failure to interpret the Constitution to determine the number of permissible members of cabinet who are not MPs.

“It was also a total disappointment on the economic front as cash shortages are still there with abundant queues and no cash to talk about.”

Chamisa said Mnangagwa had glossed over the issue of corruption and protected most of his shady cronies in his cabinet.

“As far as we are concerned, this has been a new regime of mistakes. Corruption has not been dealt with. Instead we have seen vindictiveness where they are pursuing members of the so called G40 and not targeting the real culprits,” he said.

The MDC-T leader also expressed concern that the issue of Itai Dzamara was still to be attended to, consistent with the principles of justice and the court ruling compelling the government to provide details on his disappearance.

Chamisa said the opposition party would demand a proper audit of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission secretariat, which he said was infested with “spooks of dubious characters”.

He said they would leave no stone unturned in ensuring the ruling Zanu PF party does not rig this year’s elections, noting they had set up anti-rigging machinery.

“We are not going to elections until we agree on who is printing the ballot papers and we will not allow them to go alone.

“We will also have to agree on the issue of servers for the BVR before we go for elections.”