Mnangagwa’s Backyard Stews In Zanu PF Fights

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By Staff Reporter

Zanu-PF factional fights exploded in its leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Midlands home province Monday, with under siege provincial chairman Daniel Mackenzie Ncube issuing a strong warning to his rivals, accusing of sowing division ahead provincial elections.

Ncube wants to retain the chairmanship but faces still competition from State Security minister Owen Mudha Ncube who has emerged as a formidable challenger and a front runner.

Mudha, as he is widely known, enjoys a strong backing from Local Government minister and Zanu PF heavyweight July Moyo while Mackenzie Ncube is being backed by Moyo’s eternal rival Joram Gumbo.

Gumbo and Moyo are themselves battling for provincial supremacy as each claim seniority over the other.

Therefore, any camp which emerges victorious will claim the leadership honours.

Mackenzie Ncube’s camp has also been accused of employing dirty tactics and circulating social media messages in which they are accusing their rivals of resorting to violence and intimidation.

In a statement Monday, Mackenzie Ncube openly took aim at Mudha over his apparent connections to violent activities in the province.

“As we are going into the provincial elections, we need a steady hand to guide the Province. A leader who is not associated with violence or criminal activities, a leader who is peace loving and a leader who is a unifier,” he said.

In reference to Mudha’s leanings to July Moyo, Mackenzie Ncube said: “Yes, we need a leader for the province who is loyal only to the president not to any another individual.”

Camps doing the bidding for the two party heavy weights have sic emerged and are going hammers and tongs against each other.

“For those who are sowing seeds of division and disunity be warned. Your days in Zanu PF are numbered,” he said.

“As we are faced with our internal elections we mustn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. In a few weeks time we are going to have our internal polls for Provincial leaders. Those are the leaders who are going to work in ensuring that the President achieves his vision.”

“Elections are usually characterised by high emotions and tempers however, we have to know that what unites us is much more than what divides us. What unites us is us being Zanu-PF. The Zanu-PF culture emphasizes unity more than individualism,” he said, adding:  “As a provincial leader my emphasis has been and will be cohesion, unity, loyalty peace and development.  We are our brothers keepers in Zanu-PF, united we stand divided we fall. We are Zimbabweans first as a provincial leader I have maintained and I still maintain and I will maintain that no to  tribalism- this is the Midlands.”.

Ncube added that the only focus for the party is an undisputed win for Mnangagwa come the 2023 plebiscite.

“Our focus is on 2023 – which is the undisputed win for President Mnangagwa. We can only achieve that vision by mobilising and ensuring that the His Excellency. CDE Mnangagwa secures a landslide in the coming polls. For every Zanu PF cadre focus must be on ensuring that the President is handed a landslide victory,” he said.