Mnangagwa’s ‘Chamisa devil remarks’ meant to stoke tensions in Zim – MDC 

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By Anna Chibamu

THE opposition MDC has slammed President Emmerson Mnangagwa for his utterances in which the Zanu PF leader described his rival Nelson Chamisa as “devil incarnate.”

In a statement, party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Mnangagwa’s words could cause instability in the country.

“We have noted with concern a continued pattern of these reckless statements coming from him (Mnangagwa) in succession. A case in point are the remarks he made in Rutenga when he made threats to unleash violence on citizens for the exercise of their rights provided in section 59 of the Constitution.

“Mnangagwa must be aware that such remarks can breed aggression and cause a lot of unnecessary friction in the Zimbabwean society,” the statement said.

“In any case, a rebel is one who reneges on his oath of office, fails to uphold the Constitution, but, instead works on undermining its spirit and letter. A rebel is one who fails to protect the citizens but, instead unleashes repressive apparatus on them with many losing lives and limb at the hands of the state.

Addressing party supporters in Rutenga recently, Mnangagwa threatened to deal with medical doctors who had provided medical services to victims of a military crackdown that followed the January violent protests.

In response to questions from journalists at a press briefing during the Zimbabwe/South Africa Bi-National Commission on Tuesday, Mnangagwa drew parallels between Chamisa’s refusal to join in political dialogue called by the Zanu PF leader as akin to how the Biblical devil rebelled against God in heaven.

“We will not be swayed by negative forces because even the Lord upstairs was not able to keep His house in order. He had Satan. So these things happen but he still remains there as the creator,” said Mnangagwa.

The statement was made in the presence of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa who burst into laughter.

Mafume said Mnangagwa’s statements reflected an “excitable character who was happy to have a conversation with external actors and then forgets the importance of domestic relations.”

“It is premature for Mnangagwa to use extremist metaphors like ‘devil’ simply because the MDC holds different political views from him. How can he dare compare himself to the Creator when he has subjected everyone in Zimbabwe to a living hell?” he said.

Zanu PF spokesperson Khaya Moyo on Wednesday refused to comment on the issue.

“My response to that issue is very simple. I have no comment on that,” Khaya Moyo said.