Mnangangwa too burdened by guilt to solve Gukurahundi and move Zim forward, says Chamisa

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MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa, says Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government feels no moral obligation to address the Gukurahundi atrocities because most of the senior officials including the president himself were accomplices in the gory post-independence violence.

Addressing party supporters at Maphisa Growth Point in Matebeleland South on Thursday, Chamisa said Gukurahundi can only be addressed by a new government.

“I feel pained that today I am close to Balagwe Camp where a lot of people were killed for their ethnicity. So, those who caused the killing of those people cannot console the victims and their relatives. Look, they are failing to even say sorry so that the country can move forward,” said Chamisa.

Many villagers were reportedly killed at Balagwe camp in Matobo by the army during the Gukurahundi era in the 1980s.

Mnangagwa was the minister of State Security during the ruthless crackdown while the current minister of Agriculture, Perence Shiri was the first commander of the Fifth Brigade which is blamed for the mass murders which targeted mainly civilians from Matebeleland and some parts of the Midlands provinces.

Although Mnangagwa has denied his involvement in the massacres, on March 5 1983 he reportedly incited the violence by likening ZIPRA ‘dissidents’ to cockroaches and bugs which could only be destroyed through DDT pesticide.

On Thursday, Chamisa insisted that the current government is incapable of bringing any meaningful change in the country because for the past 37 years, Mnangagwa was part of the leadership which brought misery and suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.

“Mnangagwa has been part of the previous government which has brought much suffering to the people. How can you expect him to retrieve the country from the mess which it is in now when he has been part of the problem? Only a capable and a youthful person like my-self can bring real change to the people,” said the MDC-T leader, amid ululations from the crowd.

Chamisa said the problems bedevilling the country are bigger than Mnangagwa and his colleagues in government.

“Our problems are not Mnangagwa. Mwana mudiki panyaya redambudziko ratinaro. He (Mnangagwa) is also suffering from poverty. He needs assistance including (vice president) Chiwenga and the rest of those who work with them,” he said.

Activists and survivors estimate that 20 000 civilians lost their lives during the Gukurahundi era.