Models photography exhibition opens in Bulawayo

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A BULAWAYO-BASED arts promotion organisation has opened an exhibition at the local national art gallery showcasing various forms of art like modelling and poetry through a collection of photographs.
One of the organisers of the exhibition dubbed “Winter Affair” from Diamond Berly Enterprise, Nhlanhla Dabengwa, said the aim of the event is to promote women and children through photography, art, poetry and visual arts.
“This exhibition basically captures mainstream photography and interpret the very same moment through poetry. The exhibition is in collaboration with various partners,” said Dabengwa.
He said the exhibition which will run up to the 29th of this month will also be showcased throughout the country.
“Our next step is to take the exhibition elsewhere. All people who believe in the movement of pushing the women agenda deserve to see this piece of art. The exhibition is the first of its kind,” said Dabengwa.
According to Dabengwa, the photography models were specifically chosen because they represent the “modern woman”.
“One of the photography represents lady K conquering the world. The other model is a firm believer in Africanism,” added Dabengwa.