Mohadi claims MDC plot to loot shops during Zanu PF anti-sanctions march

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

VICE PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi has accused the MDC and some unnamed NGOs of a plot to infiltrate planned Zanu PF anti-sanctions marches in a bid to loot shops.

The ruling party has called for countrywide marches for October 25 to protest targeted sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union on the Zanu PF led administration.

Addressing the Zanu PF senior leadership in Bulawayo Sunday, VP Mohadi pleaded with police to be on the lookout for MDC and civil society organisations he accused of putting up a plot to disrupt the marches.

“Talking of the anti-sanctions march, you must be careful,” Mohadi said pointing at a senior police officer who also attended the meeting.

“The opposition MDC and civil organisations want to take advantage of the march. We have got information to that effect. We need to be careful. It is a challenge.”

The VP claimed that authorities had gathered information that MDC supporters wanted use the anti-sanctions marches to loot shops in the towns.

“Their objective is to go and loot in town,” he said.

The VP also claimed the MDC has lost support in Bulawayo because of the deadly January anti-government protests which saw shops looted of their goods.

“Most people have lost faith in MDC because of the January protests. A lot of people lost their properties because of the MDC organised protests,” said Mohadi.

MDC national chairperson, Thabitha Khumalo rubbished Mohadi’s claims.

“If you hear a leopard accusing its young ones of smelling like a goat then you know there is a serious problem. As MDC, we have much more capacity to hold peaceful and huge demonstrations than Zanu PF. We have nothing do with Zanu PF ‘s so-called anti-sanctions marches,” said Khumalo.

The outspoken lawmaker said instead of organising “useless” marches, Zanu PF should address the economic challenges facing Zimbabweans.