Motorists soon to Ecocash tollgate fees, says ZINARA

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CASH STRAPPED motorists will soon be able to pay tollgate fees using mobile money transfers as the Zimbabwe National Road Authority (ZINARA) is finalising work on the money transfer system with Econet, a mobile network provider.
The introduction of the mobile transfer system will come as a relief to most motorists who, like other Zimbabweans, are failing to access cash from the banks.
“We are finalising with Econet officials on a system that will allow motorists to be able to pay tollgate fees using the Ecocash facility,” said a ZINARA official who asked not to be named as he is not allowed to speak to the media.
He said the system would work along the same lines with the ZESA pre-paid electricity platform.  The ZESA Ecocash system has proved to be popular with most pre-paid electricity users.   
“However, every motorists who would like to use the mobile money transfer system should first link his vehicle and Ecocash mobile line to the ZINARA system before one can use the facility,” he said.
Many Zimbabweans have been hard-hit by the shortage of both bond notes and the US dollar with some desperate people spending the night outside banking halls in order to withdraw money the following day.
Some banks have limited the individual withdrawal limit to as little as $20 a day.
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has blamed the prevailing shortages on “ungrateful” traders who are hoarding cash.