Moyo: redefining efficiency and commitment to growth

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POLITICS is about policy and policy is what defines and solidifies a country. It is the foundations and the boundaries, what unites a country, what carries the country forwards and what charts our paths and defines our future generations. It entails efficiency, equity and political practicality. The inclusion of Jonathan Moyo in the new cabinet as Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister reflects President Mugabe’s commitment to fulfilling those promises made during the election campaign.
Moyo mirrors vision, decisiveness and exudes affective and reflective emotional intelligence. Since his appointment, there has been definitive course of action for the sake of facilitation and progress. There is palpability in terms of policy and there is a course of action. The man is taking action and this is what we voted for. Someone who addresses issues head-on and acts! Hate or love the man but there is a practical commitment to national cause and national trajectory! The man is not just talking, he has fired an entire board of the national broadcasting corporation for what he described as “a mess which has been practically run down in a manner that borders on criminal neglect and mismanagement whose disclosure will shock the nation.” You cannot promote mediocrity at the expense of national accretion.
Moyo is not waiting for 2018 to start campaigning again. It is about right here, right now! The moment is right now, this is the defining moment. Something is in fact happening. Someone is addressing mismanagement and incompetence and no excuses! It is all about doing the right thing and doing things right. It is about clarity of declared objectives which are there for the preservation of national interests, long term benefits for all citizens.
There is a commitment to addressing pressing and real issues, getting hands dirty and driving up processes in this revamping and redefining stage. This is a must after years of depravation, dearth and deficiency; those years of forfeiture and privation induced by those abominable economic sanctions and the impediment to our people-centred policies. There must be an undertaking to quality for its long term aftermath and precise focus on bringing everyone on board. That people-orientated spirit that shy away from divisive politics!
The minister is clear about a move away from factionalism and towards national ideology, national identification and execution. This is what he had to say recently “What we have on the ground are not ideological factions driven by ideas or policy substance, but we have some kind of mini-personality cults; factions based on support for individuals and not support for the party, that are content-free and that are ideologically bankrupt”. Moyo is clearly stating, let us reintroduce ourselves, reinvent ourselves and deliver on our promises. There is tangibility of this commitment to national vision and what is also striking is the consistency, the resolve and uncompromising attitude towards nation building.Advertisement

Zimbabwe is on the threshold of an unprecedented economic miracle and as such particular attention must be paid to our investors both locally and externally. There must be a commitment to breaking down barriers as opposed to building them. Intricacy and complexity costs and as a nation focus must be on making things simple, start making things happen and clarity of vision and focus must be fostered nationally and government has to undertake an unwavering committal to flexibility and accountability.
National development and augmentation is only feasible with joint traction as a country. What about if every department starts tackling mismanagement and incompetency the Jonathan Moyo way? It’s not about big conferences and symposiums but the real hard graft on the ground! No gimmicks and no half-hearted pointless statements. There is an undertaking to pursuing novel and creative economic, diplomatic and psychological strategies to kick start our country.
ZIMASSET, the land reform, the empowerment and indigenisation policies are not gimmicks. These are solid and home-grown people-focused initiatives that will definitely create the much needed jobs and improve people’s lives and take Zimbabwe to the pinnacle of prosperity. That is exactly where this great country belongs. If only this unwavering committal to addressing exactly what concerns people as Minister Moyo and others have been doing can be cascaded down to every department. Let us give credit where it is due.