Moyo says voters should dump leaders with parliamentary majority

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By Staff Reporter

ALLIANCE for People`s Agenda (APA) leader and presidential aspirant Nkosana Moyo says Zimbabweans must choose a leader who is not likely to wield control of parliament in the July 30 elections.

Moyo said this will allow parliamentarians to exercise their oversight role on the incumbent without fear of victimisation by their party head.

In a discussion held Sunday on his Facebook page, the former Industry minister, said the country could have adopted this system as early as the 1980s when the ruling Zanu PF asserted its parliamentary majority.

Zanu PF is often accused of abusing its majority in parliament to push through laws and policies that are viewed beneficial to the party as opposed to the interest of the masses.

Moyo cited South Africa as a classic example in which the opposition fell short of any numerical edge to pass a motion of no confidence against then African National Congress (ANC) leader and State President Jacob Zuma.

“The South African Parliament failed to pass a vote of no confidence on President Zuma when the nation was quite clear that he was doing the wrong,” Moyo said.

“It is almost impossible for Members of Parliament who belong to the President`s party to hold the president accountable for his or her deeds.

“In my opinion, if Zimbabweans really want Zimbabwe to progress and not be hijacked by any party at all, we need to try and vote for the presidency as a totally separate exercise and for parliament as yet another separate exercise where we vote for individuals and not for parties.”

Moyo said his proposed plan was likely to “give us the right people at both levels, the correct president and parliament which is composed of people of the correct orientation”.

He said successive Zanu PF led parliaments failed to hold the president accountable for the past three decades as they were individuals within the system who were protecting their interests.

However, his comments could be construed as self-serving for a Presidential hopeful who has no political party and structures to anchor his campaigns.

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