Moyo sets Mugabe on ED, says deposed leader’s support for the opposition could destroy Mnangagwa

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Former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo has urged ousted President Robert Mugabe to throw his weight behind an opposition coalition in order to bring to an end to Zanu PF rule.

Moyo used his social microblogging Twitter account to draw parallels between the situation in Zimbabwe and the recent shock win by new Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mahomed.

Aged Marathir made a stunning comeback at 92 to depose his former party and assume power after years in the doldrums. A friend of Mugabe’s, Mahathir previously served as Prime Minister between 1981 and 2003.

“That if 92-year old Mahathir (Mahomed) did it by rallying opposition forces against Malaysia’s ruling party he led and which had been in power for 61years, 94 year old President Mugabe can also did it (sic) by rallying a GNU of opposition forces against Zanu PF he led and which has ruled Zimbabwe for 38 years,” Moyo said.

His rant drew bricks from his followers who argued Mugabe’s removal on the back of a military coup last November that paved the way for Mnangagwa’s rise to power had the backing of all citizens.

However the former Zanu PF spin doctor said Mugabe did not need to return as leader but could help “restore legitimacy” in Zimbabwe.

“Not for Pres(ident) Mugabe to return as Head of State but for him to rally opposition forces into (a) Grand National Union by throwing his weight behind them to restore legitimacy.

It’s a lesson to draw not only from Malaysia but also from Nigeria (Olesugun) Obasanjo and Kenya (Daniel Arap) Moi,” said Moyo.

Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 38 years before his dramatic fall last year after a coup.

Obasanjo served first as a military ruler in the late 70s before a return as a democratically elected leader of Nigeria in the 80s.

The newly formed the National Patriotic Front is seemingly floundering before it is even launched amid reports of a leadership tussle and claims that another leading light Saviour Kasukuwere might have cut a deal with the new Zanu PF leadership.