MP Mamombe, Chimbiri To Remain In Jail

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By Mary Taruvinga

MDC Harare West MP Joanna Mamombe and MDC Alliance youth activist Cecilia Chimbiri will remain locked up after their bail ruling was postponed again Wednesday.

The presiding magistrate, Vongai Muchuchuti failed to hand down her ruling as promised adding her judgment would be further delayed as she was travelling.

She will only be available Thursday afternoon to make the ruling.

Mamombe and Chimbiri are accused of breaching Covid-19 regulations after they held an anti-government protest calling for the release of fellow MDC Alliance activist Makomborero Haruzivishe.

Haruzivishe is in remand prison facing kidnapping charges.

Meanwhile, the saga between the late Waverley Empire’s founder, Victor Cohen’s daughter and nephew continued at the High Court Wednesday.

The daughter, Amanda Berkowitz was Wednesday dragged to court on summons facing perjury allegations.

She was released on free bail before the case was referred to March 23 for routine remand.

According to the state; “on July 2, 2020 and at the High Court during the course of or for a judicial proceeding, the accused person through a statement made upon oath made a false declaration and deposed during proceedings under case number HC 5040/19 allegedly lying.”

The statement in question reads; “I deny this and refer to the subscription page of the Memorandum of Association of the Company attached in the main founding affidavit. I subscribed to the shares in the company and the suggestion that I and the other subscribers did not is nonsensical.”

According to the state, the statement was materially and perjuriously false and misleading.

Prosecutors said forensic examination of signatures concerned revealed they were fake and this can be produced in court as evidence. Berkowitz denies the allegations.

She is being represented by her Diana Kawanda of Biti Law Chambers.