MPs Blast ‘Ignorant’ Mthuli For Failure To Monitor Govt Depts

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By Anna Chibamu

THE MP for Kambuzuma, Willias Madzimure has labelled as “ignorant” Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube after the Treasury head said he was unaware the Central Vehicle Registration (CVR) department was not accepting the local currency in favour of the United States dollars.

The minister had been grilled by MPs during the Question and Answer sessions on why some government departments were refusing to take the local Zimbabwean dollar.

However, responding to a question from Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya, said he was not aware that some government departments were rejecting the Zimbabwe dollar.

“The minister speaks of a dual regime of accepting RTGS and the US dollar. Government departments, in particular the Ministry of Transport through the CVR, is refusing to accept RTGS even at the interbank rate for purposes of paying for number plates,” Chikwinya said.

“Is it your instruction that a government department refuses to accept RTGS, our own local currency?”

In response Ncube said; “Certainly it is not my instruction.”

However, Madzimure challenged Ncube over his response calling him “ignorant”.

“The minister has said he is ignorant of what is happening at a government institution.  CVR is a government institution that works hand-in-glove with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA),” he said.

“Is the minister really ignorant that CVR is refusing people to pay in RTGS and they are accepting only US dollars?  As a Member of Parliament, I actually paid in US dollars and I was denied the right to use RTGS.  Is the minister saying he is not aware and does not know what is happening in his department because this was a policy decision that was made?  Is he saying CVR made its own unilateral decision?”