MPs call on govt to ‘investigate’ after ZIMRA, AMH staff down tools

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By Reason Razao | Senior Reporter

LEGISLATORS have raised red flags over Treasury’s ineffective policies after employees within the private and public sector downed tools over meagre ZWL salaries eroded by the spiralling inflation.

In a Parliamentary session, MDC-T Vice President Paurina Mpariwa, demanded action from the government over poor salaries which are barely covering basic needs.

“When you listen and look at what is happening, there is shivering at a national level regarding the cries and plea of workers concerning the meagre salaries which are not enough to cover their essential needs. No matter what questions we ask, it is not possible because the money is not enough,” Mpariwa said.

“Yesterday, I was reading a newspaper and it was written that Alpha Media workers had downed tools because they could not continue going to work. They cannot afford food, transport to work and other daily needs in order to do their jobs,” she added.

Making reference to the letter by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) workers who downed tools recently, the MDC-T vice president said the dire situation required urgent attention .

“I also read of ZIMRA workers and we were told that ZIMRA workers are not going to work also because they do not have the tools of trade.

“My request then is that what we said is affecting different ministries and so, there is need to carry out investigations so that we know what to do because people are incapacitated, including Hon. Members in this House. No-one is accepting RTGS.”

She blasted government policies and actions that have proved impotent against the market operations.

“I saw Hon. Prof. Ncube setting some things aside in the shops but the following day, you found the same things back on the shelves in USD.”

Mpariwa also called on the Ministers of Industry, Labour and Finance and Economic Development to come to Parliament and explain where people are accepting RTGs.

Glen View North MP, Fani Munengami bemoaned the absence of cabinet ministers during the Parliamentary session.

“Every day we come here as MPs; posing questions on matters of national interest, questions are asked from both sides. If I remember, we have not had any response from Ministers,” Munengami said.

“I want to give you one example: we have three or five MPs who raised an issue about our currency. Today as we speak, our rate is now ZWL6 000 against US$1. Many Hon. Members have asked the Minister but he has not yet responded.”

Makoni Central MP, David Tekeshe added: “My point is similar to that of Hon. Munengami. I went into a shop today and I was shocked to find that the local currency was around ZW$6 000 and ordinary people can no longer afford bread.”