MPs want ZIFA audited, board sacked

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

MPs on Tuesday called for the sacking of the current Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) board which is under fire for abusing funds awarded to the football governing body by government.

Speaking in Parliament, Southerton legislator, Peter Moyo slammed the national football body demanding that a forensic audit be conducted by Auditor General, Mildred Chiri.

The board chaired by Felton Kamambo has been accused of misappropriation of funds, with reports that players from both the Warriors and Mighty Warriors teams were not receiving their allowances despite the board receiving money from FIFA and government.

Recently, FIFA rejected a suggestion by the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) that the ZIFA be dissolved and an interim committee be put in place.

“I stand up to share with you concerns over the manner in which our football has been run in this country.

“It is so embarrassing that we can sit here and not take action against the current administration at ZIFA.

“I think you are aware that our country was embarrassed in Egypt where all sorts of things were happening; you talk of corruption, you talk of these small chicks,” Moyo fumed.

On Sunday, the Mighty Warriors boycotted an Olympic Games qualifier against Zambia, which was scheduled for the National Sports Stadium in the capital because they had not been paid their dues.

“Our friends from Zambia come to the National Sports Stadium, there is nobody there, not even a single person from ZIFA to tell them that we have cancelled the match. So Mr Speaker Sir, I request your good office to make a ruling that the Auditor General audits as a matter of urgency, all funds that have been given to ZIFA because it is taxpayers’ money.

“We want a forensic audit from the day ZIFA were elected to date.

“And also I request that the Minister of Sports should actually dissolve ZIFA as a matter of urgency.”

Moyo’s remarks were welcomed by an uproarious applause by fellow MPs who chanted ‘Chiyangwa’ who is the previous ZIFA board chair and also serving Zanu PF MP.

Meanwhile, Sports and Recreation Minister, Kirsty Coventry took to her official twitter page to express her discontentment on the manner in which ZIFA misuses public funds.

According to Coventry, ZIFA continuously requests money from government even after receiving pay outs from FIFA.

“ZIFA once again ask for more money but government told not to interfere. This is tax payers’ money you are ‘playing with’…these associations get huge amounts of money from their international federation- where is it?”