Mt Pleasant legislator Mahere resigns from Parliament, cites betrayal of values within CCC

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By Staff Reporter

Former Citizens Coalition for Change spokesperson and legislator for Mt Pleasant constituency, Fadzayi Mahere has resigned from Parliament with immediate effect.

The former CCC spokesperson on Monday wrote the resignation letter addressed to the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda.

In a statement, she said the party had abandoned its commitment to putting the needs of the people first and was now focused on scoring political points at the expense of democracy.

Mahere claimed that the CCC leadership was no longer chosen by the people but was instead being imposed by a “tainted state of Parliament” and “dark actors.”

Her resignation follows opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s decision to quit as president of the CCC citing the movement had been hijacked.

“The assault on the will of the people, the tainted state of Parliament, coupled with sundry breaches of Parliamentary privilege, illegal suspensions and the decision by President Nelson Chamisa to dissociate himself from the captured CCC has made it untenable for me to continue in my role as a member of parliament for Mt Pleasant Constituency under the CCC banner,” said Mahere.

“The CCC that I joined is not the CCC that we have left today. I cannot in good conscience be aligned with individuals who have caused unimaginable harm to the people by aligning themselves with a corrupt dictatorship.

“I also cannot partner with persons who are willing to undo the will of the people and hand over seats that citizens stood in line for hours to vote for just to score cheap political points. This is not who I am or who I aspire to be.

“The struggle for a democratic society should never be sacrificed at the altar of expediency. I remain committed to the cause of a better Zimbabwe. This is not an end but merely a line in the sand,” said Mahere.

She called on the Mt Pleasant constituency to rebuke CCC and its shenanigans

Mahere’s resignation is a significant blow to the CCC, which has been struggling with internal divisions in recent months.

Her departure is likely to further erode public trust in the party and could lead to defections from other CCC MPs.

Reactions to Mahere’s resignation have been mixed. Some CCC supporters have praised her for taking a stand against the “hijacked” party’s leadership, while others have accused her of abandoning her constituents.