Mthwakazi Party SG Resigns Over ‘Irreconcilable Differences’ With Other Leaders

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

MTHWAKAZI Republic Party (MRP) Secretary General Ackim Mhlanga, has resigned with immediate effect from both his position and the party citing “irreconcilable differences” between him and the leadership.

Mhlanga, who served as MRP’s national secretary general since March 2018, announced his resignation through a letter to the party’s national chairperson Mqondisi Ndebele.

In his resignation letter dated 13 April 2021, Mhlanga said he was unhappy that his repeated calls for transparency and accountability in the party were ignored by the party leadership.

“Noting that my call for the above has been largely misplaced and ill-timed as proven by the kind of reaction from party leadership, it is my decision to call it a day and stop expecting such gigantic growth steps from the party,” said Mhlanga.

He claimed the MRP was now directed by a few individuals who acted as if they were the party owners.

“My calling for transparency and accountability offended others and this caused fights. I disagreed with the president (Mqondisi Moyo) over issues concerning holding a party congress and accountability over party properties.

“I used to say party properties must not be registered in an individual but must be in the party’s name,” Mhlanga wrote in his letter to the chairperson.

He said he also disagreed with Moyo over several more issues.

“There has been no elective congress since the party was formed. People were appointed on consensus on who can lead. The president is just an interim president and is not an executive president.”

Mhlanga said the challenges started last year and Moyo tried to have him expelled.

“The president reported me to the National Executive Council (NEC) and his letter to that effect was rejected by NEC. He then engaged the Advisory Board but failed and I was reinstated by the national chairperson,” he said.