Mtukudzi, Sulu and Winky D to rock UK Popular collaboration … Sulu and Mtukudzi performing the hit song ‘Kwedu’

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SUPERSTAR Oliver Mtukudzi, Sulumani Chimbetu and Winky D, arguably the biggest names in Zimbabwean music at the moment, are set to rock their UK fans in three joint shows scheduled for the end of June.
Mtukudzi returns to the UK after ha sell-out tour of Canada and will feature his full band and backing vocalists for the ‘Big-3-Tour’ which kicks off in London on June 28, followed by dates in Leicester and Leeds, promoters Y2K confirmed.
Fans will be looking forward to his collaboration with Sulu on the hit song ‘Kwedu’ with the inclusion of the full band set to be a huge attraction following widespread concerns that the ‘Samanyanga’s’ cast had grown smaller in recent years.
Suluman and Allan Chimbetu, who are currently riding high with the hit song “Sean Timba”, are expected to give a memorable performance as this will likely be Sulu’s last tour with the Orchestra Dendera Kings.
Following huge speculation over the development, a spokesman confirmed Sulu’s departure saying: “This Tuesday (June 18) Suluman Chimbetu and the Ochestra Dendera Kings will throw a farewell party for their tour of Zambia and UK.
“What makes the show interesting is that, this will be Slomo’s last local show with the band.  As a way to say thank you to Slomo the band will throw a party to Slomo as he goes to be the leader of Ochestra Ndozvese starting in July. What’s of interest again is the fact that Slomo will be part of the team that will be on tour to Zambia and UK.
“Orchestra Dendera Kings have agreed to have Slomo and their band curtain raise them in a number of shows, starting with their welcome back show from UK on 5 July. We can safely announce that Slomo will be replaced By Wyne” Musoro” who had rejoined the band effectively last weekend.
“And on behalf of the Orchestra Dendera Kings Pvt ltd, the band and fans we wish Slomo all the best we thank you for all you did. Wayne welcome back we wish you all the best.”
Meanwhile, “Ninja President” Winky D will also feature his Vigilance Band for the first time in the UK.
Said his manager Jonathan Banda: “England to experience Bigman’s martyrdom. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and other iconic London sites are going to be the somewhat unlikely backdrops to Winky D’s upcoming England tour.
“Fondly referred to by his legion of fans as, the “Ninja President” or “Di Bigman”, the multi-award-winning chanter will take his socially-conscious brand of dancehall to all nostalgic Ninjas in England.”Advertisement

Resolute in his mission to inspire the often overlooked constituency of young people in high density suburbs, a reflective Winky D is crystal clear about what he intends to achieve during the tour.
“I’m geared in full force so as the vigilance band, so missing a tour of such magnitude is not an option, come let’s make history, BAAANNNGGGG.” He said.
Banda added: “Wallace Chirimiko, the self-proclaimed ‘Poor Man’s Devotee’ is no stranger to England’s shores. Prior visits to England saw him playing to capacity crowds and this current tour has been facilitated by Y2K Promotions and will see Winky D sharing the stage with Oliver Mtukudzi and Suluman Chimbetu.
“We would like to acknowledge and thank Y2K Promotions for making this tour possible.”
Love him or hate him, one simply cannot ignore the Kambazuma-born Winky D’s thought provoking lyrics. A storm is steadily gathering over “Mafira kureva”, his latest single which has sparked off widespread debate, as he tackles, head on, the issue of substance abuse among youths in Zimbabwe.
“As artists we are not only there to entertain but to promote societal norms,” says Banda about the track which continues to evoke a “did he just say that” type of reaction.
Y2K Entertainment Promotions spokespersons Fredrick Matenga and Alex Marapara are encouraging patrons to come on time so that they don’t miss out  as the gigs kick off at 22:00 hrs given that there are 3 artists to perform. 
Friday 28 June 2013
The Coliseum Suite
300-310 High Road

Saturday 29 June 2013
StarLite De Venue
80 Wharf Street South

Sunday 30 June 2013
Premier Banqueting / Stoney Court Rock
Stoney Rock Lane
Contacts: Fred Matenga (07877196217); Alex Marapara (07525741060); King Alfred (07931765639)
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