Mtukudzi’s Daughter, Footballer Legend Nengomasha Divorce Row Drags On

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Zimbabwe national football team player Tinashe Nengomasha has approached the High Court challenging a divorce application filed by his wife, Samantha Mtukudzi.

Samantha is the daughter to the late music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi.

Through his lawyers, Muhonde Attorneys, Nengomasha filed a notice to oppose Samantha’s claim but has not responded to the summons.

“Take notice that on the 19th of December 2019 …. the defendant (Nengomasha) has entered his intention to defend against the plaintiff’s (Samantha) claim in the above matter,” reads the appearance to defend.

Samantha filed for divorce in December last year, seeking to formally end her union with Nengomasha on grounds that their relationship had irretrievably broken down.

She told the court that they had lived separately for a long time and there were no chances for reconciliation.
Samantha also asked the court to be awarded custody of their two minor children.

“The plaintiff (Samantha) avers that the marriage relationship between the parties has so irretrievably broken down that there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage relationship more particularly in that: the parties have lost love and affection for each other, the parties have not lived together as husband and wife for a continuous period exceeding 24 months,” Samantha told the court.

According to the summons filed by Samantha, during the subsistence of their marriage, the two bought stand number in Hillside, Harare, which was registered in the names of both parties.

“It would be fair and equitable, in the event that this honourable court grants a decree of divorce, that the immovable property between the parties be sold and the proceeds be divided with each party being awarded 50 percent of the net proceeds,” Samantha said.

She further said during the subsistence of the marriage, the parties also bought furniture for their former house in South Africa and some for the couple’s Harare home.

Samantha also suggested it would be fair if she is awarded furniture which is in the couple’s Hillside house.

The late musician’s daughter also told court that the parties had acquired salon equipment, a fleet of cars and gym equipment.