Mubaiwa’s lawyer says CIO operatives are State witness in Chiwenga case; one his former nurse, the other ‘VP’s bag carrier’

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By Erica Jecha

HARARE: Constantino Chiwenga’s former wife, Mary Mubaiwa, is seeking postponement of trial in a case where she is accused of the attempted murder of the State and ruling Zanu PF party vice president.

Prosecutors accuse Mubaiwa of trying to kill Chiwenga back in 2019 when was he was hospitalised and critically ill in Pretoria, South Africa.

She denies the charges.

Mubaiwa appeared before a Harare magistrate Tuesday and, through her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, sought delay of the case citing a pending review at the High Court.

Mary Mubaiwa

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), opposed the delay request saying it lacked merit

“We contacted state counsel who happens to be dealing with the matter,” said the NPA representative.

“He advised that there is no application pending before the superior court, but condonation. This is no basis to seek postponement.”

Mtetwa hit back, saying, “The State prosecutor’s advice is false.

“We have now gotten to understand that not all animals are the same. What’s so special about this case that it just cannot be postponed?”

The State citied shortage of resources as one of the major reasons for opposing the defence application.

In response, Mtetwa charged; “How can you mention costs of getting two CIOs (central intelligence operatives) from town (centre) to this court?

“It would be cost ineffective for us to transport six witnesses from Pretoria, South Africa to “Zimbabwe and (pay for) their stay for approximately six months only to hear that this court has no jurisdiction to handle the matter.”

Mtetwa claimed that the two State witnesses are CIO representatives, describing one as  Chiwenga’s bag carrier, whilst the other is a former nurse.

Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka who heard the application for postponement said a ruling would be delivered this Thursday (December 1).

Speaking after the hearing, Mubaiwa, who was in high spirits, said she was confident that “justice would prevail”.