Mudenda, Nzenza clash over Nssa audit report

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By Anna Chibamu

NATIONAL Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda called Public Service Minister Sekai Nzenza to order on Wednesday over the contentious National Social Security Authority (Nssa) forensic audit report.

Nzenza in response to questions from legislators had declared she had no obligation to present the report to the National Assembly. This was after Transport Minister Biggie Matiza had presented the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) audit report and MPs demanded why Nzenza was holding on to the Nssa one.

“I have read the law. There is no legal obligation for me to present that forensic report. I can only do so when I am ready,” said Nzenza.

But Mudenda would have none of it amid anger from MPs.

“Hon. Minister, if you recall in our last meeting, you indicated that you needed 30 days and later you then said you would bring the report in 14 days. What has changed?”

Nzenza stubbornly insisted she was sticking to the law.

“I have the Act and I am guided by law. The Act does not give me the timeframe unless I, the Minister make the decision to ensure that it is brought to Parliament. The report is currently being unpacked by experts,” she said.

Mudenda then ordered her to make a decision according to Parliament’s Rules and Regulations as well as in compliance with the Constitution.

“I have heard your side of the law. My ruling is that you must meet with the Auditor General (Mildred Chiri) to make a determination accordingly,” the Speaker told Nzenza.

However, MPs shouted at her some saying she should be charged with contempt of Parliament.

MDC Vice president and Harare East MP Tendai Biti warned Nzenza’s actions could result in her being charged with contempt of Parliament.

Unconfirmed reports allege that the report was being doctored to exonerate some top government officials who have been implicated on mismanagement of funds at Nssa.