Mugabe and the Mutasa conundrum

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MY elder brother, Professor Mufuka, has added his voice to the proposition that President Mugabe is a great actor and, more significantly, to a contention held by many that President Mugabe was the driving mind behind the scheme to remove Mujuru & Co.
Professor Mufuka advanced a view that challenges my construction that President Mugabe, a man of flesh, can also loose balance and fall, but more importantly that the universe of all that happens in the party let alone the country does not reside in his mind.
In as much as we may wish to make President Mugabe’s mind elastic, it remains the mind of a single individual whose character and personality is shaped by a few who may have the privilege of having a direct contact with him.
It is now fashionable to seek to empower Didymus Mutasa to have the voice that many have no courage to express in the mistaken belief that what transpired in the Zanu PF bus both before and after the congress was a direct consequence of a plan masterminded by President Mugabe.
It is now easily discernible that Mutasa & Gumbo’s causes of action are as different as day and night. President Mugabe has confirmed that Mutasa is out of the bus because he is a victim of the wishes of the people ultimately responsible for his relevance in the party i.e. his villagers. As predictable, President Mugabe would not intervene in circumstances where a person, however powerful, has lost the confidence of the people.
When one appreciates President Mugabe’s DNA, it becomes easy to understand why he would say this about Mutasa: “He should have approached others and asked where he went wrong and sought ways of reviving himself. That is how it is in the party, if you lose now you must work hard so tomorrow you can win. Do not question why people have rejected you because you lose elections because of your deeds.”
Professor Mufuka made the point that by me stating that: ““He (Mugabe) is unaware of the constructive efforts by the coalition of the willing to ensure that the door to the Central Committee was closed which effectively meant that Mujuru and Company would have attended the gathering as ordinary members,” I was giving President Mugabe too much benefit of the doubt. I am sure Professor Mufuka would agree with me that it is often easy to imagine what may be in someone else’s mind but, in reality, one should accept that the human mind is the most difficult to read let alone understand.Advertisement

Professor Mufuka makes the point that because it was reported in the newspapers that the veterans and youths were preparing to manhandle Hon. Mujuru & Co, President Mugabe knew and ought to have known what was truly at play. He then concluded as true and fact that President Mugabe knew because: “In their world, the price of failure is death, nothing therefore happens by chance.”
This naturally provokes the question about the kind of world President Mugabe lives in or has been living in since he assumed the top office in post-colonial Africa. What does his day look like? What actually does a President do for a living?
We all expect a President to be a doer, thinker and creative, forgetting that the environment that he operates in is infested with political chameleons, parasites, and sometimes cockroaches. Any President has to operate within a defined framework and what he knows most of the time is a product of what he would have been informed by others.
In fact, when he landed from Ethiopia, an audience was created for him and the people at work know that President Mugabe is at his best when surrounded by crowds. So a crowd has to be created for President Mugabe to make key announcements of what he would have been briefed.
For poor Mutasa, who on the one hand does not recognize the legality of the resolutions of the congress and has yet to reconcile himself to his new station in life, but on the other has indicated that he will subject himself to a disciplinary process led by VP Mphoko, a product of the very congress whose constitutionality he purports to challenge, he only got to know from President Mugabe that his true fate was sealed by the people who should have chosen him to represent them in the Central Committee.
Even if Mutasa were to have an audience with President Mugabe it does not follow that he will be restored to his former position. What is significant, however, is that Mutasa must accept his fate and work hard so that, at the next bus stop, he can hope to get back on board depending on how well he works with the masses.
By choosing to escalate his problem, President Mugabe feels that Mutasa has lost it. We all may wish differently but it is important to understand how President Mugabe thinks and how he can be managed. He has already made the point that Mutasa must know where his injury emanates from and who he should direct his energies to.
Professor Mufuka would be aware that President Mugabe believes that what is resident in his mind and also what is revealed to him is the universe of the truth. It is clear that President Mugabe holds the view of the last brief that Mujuru & Co had hatched a plan to topple him. By wasting his time trying to reach out to President Mugabe personally, Mutasa does not understand or never understood President Mugabe’s approach that he as a person who possesses no power to lift someone up.
With respect to the First Lady, it may very well be the case that Mugabe believes that she enjoys the widespread support of the members of the party. It also may be correct that he played no constructive role in her meteoritic rise to her current position. For students of President Mugabe, it will not come as a surprise that he believes in the power of the people and not the individual.
So when crowds are arranged for him at strategic events, he will not disappoint the real plotters who would have known that for the Mazoe Crush Project to succeed they needed to rope in the person closest to President Mugabe. By enticing the First Lady to be part of the crew, any rational person would be entitled to conclude that the President was the driver of the scheme.
He made the point that: “the media had a role to play in nation building and economic development,” when he turned to journalists. He also made the point about journalists that: “Do not be writers who always criticise,” because in his mind he feels that people in the media including us fail to understand him and issues. He pointed out that: “When they (journalists) fail to get something to write they look for non-existing issues. We do not want that.  We want the truth, teaching the truth.”
It is in respect of the truth that we ought to focus on yet, regrettably, we spend a lot of our time hallucinating on President Mugabe’s state of mind. With respect to the truth, I set out below a statement made by Hon. Chinamasa under oath that I had registered a company called Southern Asbestos Sales (Pty) Limited (“SAS”) when in truth and fact this was not the case.
SAS was a company registered in 1965 to bust sanctions imposed on Rhodesia, a point that may not be known by Chinamasa for it would not fit with his chosen narrative that I ran away from Zimbabwe to South Africa and set up SAS for the sole purpose of facilitating Illicit Financial Flows.

Unknown to Chinamasa, the acquisition of SMM’s UK registered company was in terms of an agreement concluded in 1996.
If Hon. Chinamasa respected the truth, he would have known that the government of Zimbabwe was not a party to the agreement yet he misrepresented to Parliament that this was not the case.
With respect to SAS, this is what was stated in the Sale and Purchase Agreement concluded in 1996:

Based on the above, the narrative presented by Chinamasa that SAS was registered by me when the company existed prior to the acquisition is not only false but like President Mugabe has appealed to journalists that they should be people with knowledge of the true facts, it is important that when we discover that he trusted lieutenants like Chinamasa have chosen to create their own facts to suit a certain view point that we take note and do something.
The call to be vigilant confirms that the President believes that the people who surround him are honest. If all of us including Professor Mufuka choose to give President Mugabe the benefit of the doubt then there can be no doubt that we can salvage the nightmare when we help build the correct knowledge that not all the corrupt have been removed from the bus. It is only when President Mugabe knows the truth that he will come to realise where the problem truly is.