Mugabe-backed NPF says not joined MDC Alliance despite attending Hre protest

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By Staff Reporter

THE fledging National Patriotic Front (NPF) party insists it has not joined the opposition MDC Alliance despite attending the latter’s Harare march on Tuesday.

Jealously Mawarire, national spokesman for NPF, addressed the protest march.

“Thank you for giving us a G40 leader in Nelson Chamisa,” said Mawarire sending the MDC Alliance supporters into a frenzy.

Other NPF members who also attended the march include former Zanu PF Harare South MP Shadreck Mashayamombe and former Chipango militia leader Jim Kunaka. 

NPF is backed by former president Robert Mugabe who, while in power, refused to allow the reforms still being demanded by the opposition.  

Quizzed over the issue, Mawarire defended the nonagenarian who was ousted by a military revolt last November.

“President Mugabe as an individual is a very democratic individual,” Mawarire told

“You heard his TV interview that he is going to support any democratic process that will deal with the coup that we had on November 15th (2017.

“And I think this is part of democratic processes that he (Mugabe) would support and that’s why you see us here (at the protest march).

“But it is important now – as it was important in January, as it was important in November – to demand electoral reforms.”

He added, “I understand this is not the first time the MDC has demanded that we should have transparency in the printing of ballot papers and we should stick to the constitutional provisions and also stick to the guidelines provided by SADC on how to run free and democratic elections.

“We believe that these are substantial issues that the MDC is raising. As a democratic party, we don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t come and give them solidarity especially at this particular hour when we are just 45 days or so before an election.”

Mawarire said electoral playing field is not and will never be even “as long as the military is in control, and these are the same people who subverted the Constitution last year”.

“You can’t expect them to provide a level playing field especially for these (2018) elections,” he said.

“But there is an important thing that you should do when you are participating in an election that is compromised, you mobilise people and anything in a voter turnout which is above 70% is very difficult to rig and that is what we are doing, joining them with what the millions the MDC already has so that we get to an election turnout which is way above 85 %.”

 “But we have not joined MDC, but we have joined them in demonstrating and I think we need to make that clear.”