Mugabe party chaos: Zhuwao and Moyo snipe at ‘thieving’ party spokesman in leaked recordings

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s political pet-project has all but gone up in smoke if leaked recordings are anything to go by.

The leaks reveal deep suspicions, abuse of money and mistrust between senior officials and the party’s major benefactor, Mugabe’s wife and former First Lady Grace.

Temperamental spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire and interim party leader Ambrose Mutinhiri are accused by former cabinet ministers Patrick Zhuwao and Jonathan Moyo of abusing funds meant for party programs and campaign material a series of leaked video recordings between the latter two reveals.

Moyo and Zhuwao, currently in exile, are heard chatting: “Are you going to tell muchembere (presumably Grace)? She was getting to know him (Mawarire). She had not reached a point where she is like sold over. 

“I think she liked his courage and Jealousy goes to the Southern African Political and Economic Series (Sapes run by academic Ibbo Mandaza) from where he picks some stories including Central Intelligence Organisation (COI) snippets, which she would like to hear.”

Moyo-adds: “But it was a promising relationship but whether it had reached the level of trust, I am not sure. Like the way I hear about these T-shirts might vhiringa Jealousy, these T-shirts stories. She does not like things like that. She will start thinking he is a thief.”

The discussion then moves on to Mutinhiri, revealing his job is on the line for abuse of funds.

“If he (Mawarire) is not careful, because Mutinhiri was destroyed by that $14,000, which she never got to appreciate how he used the money.

“She might also think he is a thief. That was the first damage before the abuse of funds issue,” the two are heard chatting.

Mataruse, according the Moyo and Zhuwao, was supposed to purchase 10,000 t-shirts but two weeks after he got the money none had been delivered with no explanation.

Moyo also argues that most NPF officials did not trust Mawarire. It is also revealed that Mawarire was actually being hand-held by the two former Zanu PF officials.

“We got him an opportunity to rediscover and re-invent himself . . . we were giving him backup. I do not know if he ever appreciated that,” Moyo is heard saying.

“He is young but unnecessarily naïve. He is an incorrigible liar.’’

The acerbic Mawarire immediately took to Twitter and shot back, blowing the cover on Moyo who has been in hiding since November last year.

“Put this on record, if someone is a petty thief who stole even money meant for his daughter’s funeral, let alone ZIMDEF funds, that individual is surely bound to have hallucinations about people stealing.

“He dreams stealing, lives stealing and always thinks stealing,” said Mawarire.
Mawarire denies Grace was funding the party.

“I am telling you, you cannot rely on someone who is in Kenya to say the T-shirts are not being given to people. Can you do a t-shirt audit from Kenya,” argues Mawarire.

“He should concentrate on running away.”

He added: “The T-shirts were paid in rand from a South African account.

“She (Grace) did not give me the money. We can give evidence that R335 000 was paid from an account in South Africa that does not belong to Mai Mugabe.”