Mugabe throws up a moan about $467,000 pension package; says not enough

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe has expressed disgruntlement over his pension, saying the package was not enough.

Addressing journalists at his Borrowdale mansion a day before Zimbabweans go to the polls, Mugabe again denied he was given $10m package as a golden handshake.

“It was only $400,000. The total was $467,000,” he said.

“The money is not $10 million as reported before. It’s a lie,” he said as wife Grace interjected.

“Yes, that is the total Can you imagine. Just $467,000 and what we will do with that money,” said Grace.

Grace further emphasised that the money was in the United States currency.

Mugabe revealed his pension pot as he complained that he did not have enough money to fix the roof on his sprawling private home, more widely known as Blue Roof.

The 94-year-old said the roof of the property was near collapse and the family needed to move out to facilitate renovations before “calamity” strikes.

He said his retirement package entitled him to two homes at government expense and he would have wanted to move into one of these to allow repairs to the Blue Roof.

However, the government has not responded to his approaches over the houses or cash equivalent, the former Zanu PF leader claimed.