Mugabe’s son-in-law is a violent boss, court told

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By Court Reporter

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law, Simba Chikore is a scary boss who would always make those around him tremble in fear, a Harare court heard on Wednesday.

This emerged when the former Zim Airways consultant’s kidnapping trial commenced before Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba.

Chikore is accused of unlawfully detaining former Zimbabwe Airways (Zim Airways) legal head, Bertha Zakeyo at the company premises some time last year when he had taken a decision to terminate the latter’s employment.

He is being tried together with company security guard, Simbarashe Mutimbe.

The husband to Mugabe’s daughter, Bona, was described by his accuser as a violent man.

Zakeyo said she was detained for two hours and could not get assistance since all employees at the company feared Chikore.

She described her ordeal as the worst incident in her life as she has known Chikore to be a violent person.

“He is so bossy and always tosses people around,” she said.

“The defence council maintains that I was not detained because that is their duty and I on the other hand know the traumatic experience I went through.”

Zakeyo told court that on the day in question, Chikore sent five men to her office.

She said the five ordered her to read a letter from Chikore and to sign it and then leave the premises immediately.

Zakeyo said she refused the order, prompting the five to detain her, insisting she should also surrender her cell phone.

“I became very scared for my life as I did not know what harm they intended to do on my person.

“Although I was not gagged or tied down, I could not ask anyone who was at the office that time because the accused bosses people around and when he says jump, everyone including myself was compelled to ask how high.

“Because of his violent nature, I had to try and appear strong to my detainers.”

Allegations against Chikore arose in June last year at Zimbabwe airways offices in Chishawasha Hills.

He however denies the accusations arguing that Zakeyo voluntarily stayed at the premises after he dismissed her.

Chikore said he ended up roping in Mutimbe and the other four men because Zakeyo became so bitter after she was sacked.

“You started screaming and shouting causing a breach of peace to an extent that top officials from the security company and police officers were called in to contain the situation,” said Jonathan Samkange Chikore’s lawyer.

“I put it to you that you acted like a person possessed with demons such that no staff could have laid a hand on you.

“You stayed longer at the premises yet the accused simply wanted you to go. You stayed longer because you did not want to surrender company phone and wanted to take some company files with you.”

Trial continues February 13.