Mugabe’s Son Robert Jnr Pitches Up At Mnangagwa Rally

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By Mary Taruvinga

THE late former President Robert Mugabe’s elder son, Robert Mugabe Junior, Wednesday made a surprise appearance at a Zanu PF rally in Chitungwiza and claimed in an interview he was a staunch Zanu PF supporter.

He also said he was keen to continue with his father’s legacy.

What made the appearance surprising is that Mugabe died a bitter man after he was ousted in a 2017 military coup which brought President Mnangagwa into office.

The relationship between Mnangagwa and Mugabe were strained since then, with the deposed strongman endorsing rival suitor Nelson Chamisa in the 2018 general election.

So bitter was Mugabe that he refused to be buried at the heroes acre arguing he cannot be buried by people who tormented him.

He was in the end laid to rest at his rural home, but the family has not seen peace since then as they have had to fight sustained efforts to exhume his remains for reburial at the heroes acre.

Robert Junior said he is a Zanu PF son.

“They have been very accommodative. I thought I should come and support the party,” he said.

“It’s like the family’s tradition. Since I was born all I know was Zanu PF. I am a Zanu PF child born in Zanu PF so it’s only right that I continue the legacy,” said Robert while in the queue of the party’s top officials lined up to welcome Mnangagwa as he arrived at the venue in St Mary’s Chitungwiza.

The party is holding its star rally ahead of the by-elections scheduled for this Saturday.

The family is awaiting High court’s determination on Mugabe’s exhumation saga.