Mujuru coalition to rope in zero graders for election campaign

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FORMER Vice President Joice Mujuru’s People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) is looking to rope-in zero graders in its election campaign, a senior official has said.

Addressing party supporters in Kwekwe recently, National People’s Party (NPP) chairperson and PRC national coordinator Dzikamai Mavhaire said the coalition must include everyone in its campaigning.

“Those in the campaign teams, you also have to distribute fliers bearing our presidential candidates to those who own this country. I mean the zero graders,” said Mavhaire.

“You can stand by the school gates and hand over the fliers to them after they finish their lessons. They will then give those fliers to their parents.”

The former Masvingo governor said Zanu PF has previously prevailed in elections by instilling fear on the opposition.

“Zanu PF has been winning elections because it thrives on instilling fear on its opponents. They use the security sector to further their goals, but we are saying no to that.

“We are calling for a professional police force and professional CIO operatives. Our candidates here are the ones who must remove that fear,” he said.

The former Energy Minister said his opposition coalition would reach out to school headmasters, churches and traditional leaders, adding that this year’s elections are a three-horse race.

According to Mavhaire the fight is between the MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Zanu PF’s President Mnangagwa and Joice Mujuru of NPP.

“I urge women to rally behind one of their own Dr Joice Mujuru. You constitute the country’s greatest population and for the first time we have a female who is aspiring to occupy the highest office,” said Mavhaire.

In his view, President Mnangagwa enjoys the support of the military while Chamisa has the youth vote.