Mujuru party says suspending rallies

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By William Milasi

NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) president Joice Mujuru, who is also the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate, has suspended her rural areas rallies pending the sitting of the nomination courts.

According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), the nomination court will sit on June 14, 2018 at the High Court to accept submissions for those wishing to run for presidency in the forthcoming elections.

“This is the day on which nominations of candidates for election are processed nomination courts presided over by nominations officers appointed by ZEC.

“The places where the nomination courts will sit are listed in the proclamation,” said legal watchdog Veritas said in a statement.

Veritas added that the, “polling day will be a public holiday by virtue of section 38 (2) of the Electoral Act.”

NPP spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando confirmed the suspension of rallies, adding that they “will only resume after the sitting of the nomination court,”

Chitando said the PRC rallies have been suspended, “to try and have all documentation of our candidates in order.”

Mujuru had lined up rallies in Mashonaland Province, Masvingo, Manicaland and Midlands.

“The PRC work on the voter registration statics says that about 80% of the voters are in rural areas, so it is important to target them,” Chitando said in an interview.

 “The rallies are spaced in order to attack one district per province on the first round of rallies.

“In the second round of rallies we will then deploy all national leaders to 2010 constituencies to address on the same day same time, like operation desert storm,” he said.

PRC is one of the election coalitions formed by the opposition parties in a bid to wrestle power form Zanu PF in this year’s watershed elections.

Other formations include the Coalition for Democrats (CODE) fronted by Renewal for Democrats (RDZ) president Elton Mangoma and the MDC-Alliance led by MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa.