Mujuru plans Dzamara search during first 100 days as President

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PEOPLE’S Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate Joice Mujuru has set in her first 100 days priorities, a judicial inquiry into the abduction of anti-Mugabe journalists Itai Dzamara, among other missing activists.

Dzamara disappeared without trace March 2015 after he had bravely confronted then President Robert Mugabe with a petition to surrender his job for “failed” leadership.

He defied several arrests and beatings by the police during his lone protests which were later joined by like-minded colleagues.

The MDC-T has staged rallies with civil society activists to demand Dzamara’s return.

Mujuru, on her part, has kept her distance.

However, in a brief outline of priority areas she intends to pursue if voted State President this year, Mujuru placed an inquiry into the disappearance of Dzamara and prominent human rights activist Paul Chizuze among her top priorities.

“The PRC government will institute 2 judiciary inquiries on disappearances. One on missing persons such Itai Dzamara and Paul Chizuze and others. And another on the missing USD 15 bn and other illicit financial flows,” pledges the former State Vice President in her manifesto.

Chizuze disappeared February 2012.

In her other priorities, Mujuru pledged to trim cabinet to a leaner one which incorporates gender, age sensitivity and skills among other attributes.

A Mujuru government, according to the manifesto, will also seek the scrapping of US sanctions imposed on the country during the Mugabe era, establish provincial governing authorities as well as scrap controversial laws such as the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act, POSA and AIPPA.

Mujuru further pledges to end the current cash crisis as well as introduce the South African rand as the anchor currency.

“The PRC Government will ensure that every child will get free access to primary education. And long term concessional loans will be extended to students in colleges, universities and tertiary institutions,” says her Manifesto.

The manifesto further reads, “The PRC government will fight and uproot corruption, bribery, fraud and theft wherever it might be found. A lifestyle audit on public officials will be carried out at the very outset of the Mujuru-Administration.”