Mujuru’s aspiring MP storms out of workshop on told there was no per diem

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By Staff Reporter

MUTARE: An aspiring MP for Mutare North, Pedigree Matara, walked out a meeting which was organized by the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association (ZCIEA) in protest after she was told that there was no per diem for being a panelist.

ZCIEA organized a workshop for political parties to interact with informal traders and sell their election manifestos in the city.

ZCIEA President Lorraine Sibanda temporarily stopped the meeting after Matara walked out in protest.

“We started our meeting very well and we made it clear that this was an opportunity for candidates to speak to the people and sell their manifestos,” she said.

She added: “But one of the aspiring MPs from People’s Rainbow Coalition Pedigree Matara decided to walk out of this meeting citing displeasure over non- payment for the panelists.

“It’s uncalled for and we no longer want politicians to fool around with us because we are the electorate and we cannot pay people to come and sell their manifesto to us,” fumed Sibanda.

Matara’s behaviour did not go down well with informal traders who attended the meeting. They said it was high time the country was led by accountable and committed politicians.

“Matara has proved to us that she does not respect our concerns. As informal traders, we have had enough of political leaders of this calibre,” said Grace Murandu, an informal trader.

Another vendor, Rodrick Chifamba of Sakubva, weighed in saying, “It is a shame that it is the ordinary citizen that continues to suffer at the hands of politicians who are only concerned about how to fill their pockets”.