Mukanya: New album ‘Dangerzone’ out soon

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EXILED Chimurenga Music icon Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo has slammed piracy and promised his fans to brace for more exciting new music this New Year.
Mukanya, as he is known by his fans, left Zimbabwe more than a decade ago for Oregon USA citing prosecution and intimidation by politicians.
In a New Year massage posted on his Facebook page Tuesday, the Chimurenga music guru thanked fans throughout the world for their support over the years and discouraged piracy.
“We thank you all for your support in 2013, we hope you had a refreshing end of the year with the present we gave you through the Golden Classics collection,” he said.
“We wish to extend our profound gratitude to our fans scattered right round the globe, journalists, music vendors, promoters etc. We also take this opportunity to pay our respects to the departed musicians we lost in 2013, may their souls rest in peace.
“This year we are happy to announce to you that we will be dropping the much awaited new album Dangerzone, keep watching this space.
“We have re-done the yester-year classic Shabeen which would be available as a free download soon. Pamberi ne Chimurenga Music … pasi ne piracy.”
During the tenure of the inclusive government Mapfumo was approached by the former deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara to return to Zimbabwe.
His attempts to return were however, hampered by reports he would likely be arrested upon arrival.
Born in 1945, Mukanya has more than 50 albums on his name. He is credited by democratic forces for his freedom of expression which he exhibits through his songs.Advertisement