Mukoma Brian: Voltz JT highlights men’s silent struggles 

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By Darlington Gatsi

IN Zimbabwe’s traditionally stoic society, where men are expected to suppress emotions, many struggle silently, sometimes with tragic consequences.

This silent suffering often leads to devastating outcomes, including a rise in suicides triggered by failed relationships and economic hardships.

Hip-hop artist, Voltz JT, sheds light on this issue in his new single, “Mukoma Brian,” a poignant portrayal of emotional struggles hidden beneath the surface.

Set in the densely populated suburbs, the song uses powerful imagery to depict the internal pain masked by the seemingly ordinary life of “Mukoma Brian.”

Mukoma Brian, respected as an elder brother, embodies the societal ideal of success – a good life and a happy marriage.

However, the song reveals the hidden truth: Mukoma Brian suffers in silence, a victim of domestic abuse in his seemingly perfect marriage.

Unable to express his pain or seek help in a culture that views male vulnerability as weakness, Mukoma Brian turns to alcohol to escape his emotional turmoil.

“Ma problems avo ndo na jet lag pama flights. So you think until wazonzwa nemakuhwa kuti zuro vakamarana. Nguva yareba havasi kutaudzana and then you start to notice kuti varikupfudzana and zvakaminama.

“Of course zvonzi ma problems anosiyana but Mukoma Brian kubva mashushwa zvekupushwa zvekunokushta muri kunze makadhakwa zvekusvika pakuraradza,” sings Voltz JT.

Voltz JT wields the power of simple language and everyday diction to deliver his message with impactful clarity.

This accessible approach ensures his song resonates effectively with young listeners, fostering understanding and connection around societal issues.

Through the character of “Mukoma Givy,” Voltz JT explores the societal pressures that push men to their breaking points.

Mukoma Givy’s tragic suicide becomes a stark symbol of the silent struggles men face. In response, Voltz JT probes the question: what leads men to the devastating decision to end their lives?

“Zuro pa news pakabuda mukoma Givy. Mukoma Givy manga maguta sadza rinhi? Kuzozvipfudza zvinobuda nepa TV. Vapfana venyu tangosara dziri nyadzi nemisodzi,” sings Voltz JT.