Mukupe: MDC will never rule Zimbabwe; just join and vote for Zanu PF

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By Staff Reporter

OUTSPOKEN Zanu PF MP and Deputy Finance Minister Terrence Mukupe said he was not apologetic to declare that opposition MDC will never rule Zimbabwe.

Mukupe told students and youths at Kwekwe Polytechnic last Saturday that if they joined the MDC they were certain to just end up at Harvest House (MDC Headquarters) while their lives would change for the better if they joined the ruling party.

He was giving a public lecture under the theme: Zimbabwe is Open for Business-Reviving the Economy which was organised by ruling party linked Zimbabwe National Students Union.

Mukupe said of late he had been mobilising youths and students to vote for Zanu PF.

“So if you understand the rules of the establishment, ask yourself how do I get there, you need to know the formula,” said Mukupe.   

“If you want to join MDC you should know that you will just end up at Harvest House, if you join Zanu PF you should know you will end up at State House.”

He added, “This is real; choose a life with high blood pressure by joining MDC or without by joining Zanu PF; it’s just as simple as that.”

“I am not apologetic to say no matter what, come what may, MDC will never rule this country.”

“And some of these things need wisdom, if you want to be part of the ruling elite, you should know which party to join.”

“So if you want to spend your life shouting MDC slogans, it’s up to you.”

Mukupe said this a few days after he caused a storm by telling a Zanu PF crowd that the military would never allow MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, to rule even after winning the election.

His utterances forced the government to respond calling his statements reckless. However Mukupe said the statement of rebuke was written by information secretary George Charamba and read by the acting Minister Simon Khaya Moyo.

The controversial deputy minister later made headlines when he asked the former finance minister Tendai Biti if he had taken his ARVs during a live radio debate before he went on to attack the wife of Newsday journalist when he walked out of the studio.