Mukupe, Wadyajena confirm ED ouster plot

By Robert Tapfumaneyi

TWO top allies to President Emmerson Mnangagwa have all but confirmed a Zanu PF plot to dethrone the underfire national leader while also making sensational claims of a plot on their own lives by unnamed party enemies.

They are former Deputy Minister of Finance Terence Mukupe and Gokwe-Nembudziya Member of Parliament Mayor Justice Wadyajena.

In separate tweets they posted this week, the two Mnangagwa loyalists came next to confirming Zanu PF was on fire amid reports of an ouster plot against targeted at the President.

“I am in Harare…I will never sell out on my President,” Mukupe said in unsolicited comments directed at unnamed forces.

“…You are wasting your time threatening to kill me and my family.”

President Mnangagwa was on Monday forced to cut short his five nation tour of Eurasia after he was reportedly informed of a plot to impeach him by party enemies back home.

Mukupe all but confirmed the nasty turn of events within the party while sneering at Zanu PF rivals he was not buying into their “sick plot”.

“I will never join your sick plot!!! Come get me and do as you please but my President is not going anywhere!!! We are going to shame you devilish people!” he said.

His comments also followed wild protests against fuel price increases among Zimbabweans last week with the military later deployed to quell the skirmishes.

NGOs say they recorded 12 deaths through gunshot wounds among civilians while the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has confirmed eight fatalities.

Zanu PF activists were reportedly brutalised during the military crackdown in a rare occurrence within Zimbabwean politics.

In his comments, Mukupe also indirectly confirmed this was an opportunity for party enemies to settle their scores while also giving hints at possible plans to crack the whip by Mnangagwa.

“I am worried with what’s going on,” he said, adding, “The Citizens are blind to what’s really going on…the next 72 hrs are going to be crucial regarding the path we are going to take as a nation.”

While he went about his social media rants, Wadyajena, another Mnangagwa loyalist also claimed of a plot to have him killed.

“They threatened to kill me and harm my family, I stand by @edmnangagwa & I wish they knew ours isn’t a political relationship,” he posted Sunday evening.

“However they try, w’ll NEVER QUIT, nor intimidated. The plot is foiled, they lack the numbers for impeachment & the devil isn’t @ProfJNMoyo but amongst us.”

Moyo is the former cabinet minister in the now defunct Robert Mugab administration.

The now exiled former party strategist has been vocal in criticising the Mnangagwa led administration.