MultiChoice says Dstv not leaving Zimbabwe

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MultiChoice Zimbabwe has quashed speculation that the digital satellite television (Dstv) is suspending its operations in the country due to forex challenges.
The company’s public relations manager Liz Dziva said Dstv services remain on offer.
“Rumours circulating in Zimbabwe to the effect that Dstv services to the country are being suspended are wholly inaccurate and sets of Dstv available to Zimbabwean viewers remain on offer,” she said in a short statement.   
“Such rumours about suspension of service pop up on regular basis and had no foundation in fact.”
She added, “Dstv services to viewers across Zimbabwe remain on offer.”
The pay per view subscribers have been struggling to pay their subscription as forex shortages continue to hit the country.
Most banks in the country haves also suspended the payment of Dstv.
The only bank still accepting Dstv payment, NMB, has since increased its commission from $2 to $5 owing to high costs, a move that has not gone down well with its clients.
Dziva said financial institutions charge a commission, the level which is their own decision and the commission was entirely to cover their own costs.
At one point, local banks were accepting only one payment from their clients on condition that it bore the same name of the Dstv account holder. Later on they suspended the payment entirely.
This has seen most locals transferring their accounts to neighbouring South Africa or Botswana to allow them to pay their subscriptions from within the respective countries.