Munyeza: Mnangagwa-Chamisa dialogue will work magic

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

A TOP adviser to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and cleric says a meeting by the Zanu PF leader and MDC president Nelson Chamisa was best remedy to the country’s economic crisis and international isolation.

Shingie Munyeza, who sits in the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) appointed by Mnangagwa early this year, said the country was divided along political lines.

He said confidence from the international community will only come if the Zanu PF number one met his MDC rival.

“And that dialogue must be unconditional, at a neutral venue,” Munyeza said at a breakfast meeting in Harare called to discuss the implications of the currency reforms to business.

Munyeza said above the political dialogue that Mnangagwa has convened to allow the country’s political actors to find each other, a meeting between the country’s two most politically influential figures would do wonders to the situation.

“The two of them in a room, President Mnangagwa there and Nelson Chamisa there, they come for a cup of tea, they bring their own tea, each one bring their own flask of tea and cup, have a cup of tea, it must not go beyond 15 minutes. They talk about ‘I like your tea, and talk things like I like your scarf, it’s nice’,” he said.

Munyeza said once the two met, the perception locally and internationally will change to that of being positive.

“I tell you, the international community will be right on our doorstep tomorrow,” said the businessman.

“Then they spend another month…we might have to arrange it and move in that direction because if we don’t have our political leaders talking, our nation is divided politically.”

Chamisa has refused to form part of the dialogue process the national leader has convened for candidates who contested him in the July elections last year, emerging with very tiny votes.

The MDC leader insists the country’s political problems emanated from a disputed electoral outcome and must be resolved between him and Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa has, on his part, insisted all those who should form part of the dialogue process must be treated equally.

In his comments, Munyeza also said people from all walks of life must sit down and talk about how they want to take Zimbabwe forward.

“Industry must start its own dialogue, churches must start its own, industry, civil society and politicians on the other side, it must be like popcorn and then they will come a time when then everyone must converge.”