Munyeza takes dig at Mnangagwa over poor leadership

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By Alois Vinga

OUTSPOKEN business leader and cleric, Shingi Munyeza has bemoaned lack of quality leadership in a country that has seen recurrent famine and economic hardship.

Munyeza, who is part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), was speaking in a video he posted on Twitter.

He described Zimbabwe’s governing authority and the nation at large as subjects in need of urgent deliverance from the “stronghold spirits”.

The businessman said Zimbabwe has suffered hyperinflation, lack of productivity, food insecurity being caused by drought and bad policy framework, policy inconsistency across the board.

“The unprecedented corruption means there is no leadership across the board.

“We have lost good quality, solid and visionary leadership competent enough to move this nation forward,” he said.

Munyeza urged Zimbabweans to close ranks when the Covid-19 storm subsides and try to better the country’s deepening economic fortunes.

“But to make this turn, we need to deal with a stronghold spirit of our times and the stronghold of Zimbabwe.

“It has been a good 40 years after independence but look at where we are as a nation,” he said.

“We continue to live in extreme hardship, several countries have tried to help us, but we still find ourselves in the same position.

“In biblical terms, a stronghold is a faulty thinking pattern based on lies and deception which is one of the primary weapons of the devil, because it is the building blocks for a stronghold.

“What strongholds can do is cause us to think in ways which block us from God’s best.”

Munyeza is a prominent businessman and religious leader who has never shied away from speaking truth to power.