Murder suspect tells High Court privates damaged by police officers

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By Mary Taruvinga

A Mufakose man, arrested early this year on allegations of murdering his girlfriend in cold blood, after catching her soliciting for sex has approached the High Court seeking immediate release of his medical affidavit.

Kundishora Gava claims that he was coerced to admit to murder allegations by officers who heavily assaulted him leaving his testicles injured.

Gava wants the document to prepare for his trial and he insists that he did not commit the offence.

“During interrogation, the police officers tied me to a metal pole whilst I was turned upside-down and assaulted me all over my body until I sustained injuries on my testicles,” Gava claims.

Gava says the prisons doctor who treated him is holding on to the medical affidavit adding this may weaken his defence.

The Ministry of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Police Commissioner General, Goodwin Matanga and the medical doctor attached to Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) were cited as respondents in Gava’s application.

Gava was arrested five months after allegedly committing the offence with prosecutors alleging he was in hiding in Mozambique.

The suspect landed in the dock on allegations of killing his girlfriend after reportedly finding her soliciting for sex in a local pub.

The 30 year old man has been on the run since October last year when the incident occurred until his arrest this year.

It is the State’s case that on the fateful day, Gava found the now deceased negotiating for sex at Fly High bar in Mbare and confronted her.

He dragged the woman, who has not been named, out of the pub and assaulted her all over her body.

Upon realising he had seriously injured his girlfriend, Gava dumped the unconscious woman at a nearby railway line.

Her body was discovered by passers by the following morning.

Gava denies the charges arguing: ” I was ordered to sign the warned and cautioned statement . In trying to avoid further pain and suffering, I complied. Nevertheless I deny the allegations.”

He implicated police homicide police officers including Pikisai Chipwazo, Tsambataure and Dzowa as officers who assaulted him.